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Verdicts and Settlements

Riley Allen Law Results – Representative Samples of our past Verdicts and Settlements (but which are not a guarantee of future results or outcomes)

$32 Million:  Whistleblower claim against spinal device manufacturer for paying illegal kickbacks 

$30 Million:  Combined value of multiple claimants in complex defective products class action litigation (including a number of claims in excess of $1M)

$13 Million: Settlement achieved shortly before trial in an insurance fraud/insurance bad faith case that could have been resolved for policy limits of $300,000 had the insurer acted properly

$8 Million: Severe brain damage resulting from toxic exposure-largest verdict in County history at the time

$5.5 Million: Diffuse axonal brain injury from Automobile Accident -largest settlement in County history

$4.25 Million: Construction Accident resulting in severe crush injury to left leg

$4 Million: Failure to Diagnose cervical fracture resulting in incomplete quadriplegia

$3.4 Million: Confidential settlement involving product defect in automotive arena resulting in death 

$3.25 Million: Radial tire separation/explosion resulting in death

$3.2 Million: Failure to Diagnose bacterial infection

$3.2 Million: Damages verdict at trial from defective ladder; pre-trial offer was $10,000

$3 Million: Damages verdict at trial for Wrongful Death of African American inmate due to Medical Neglect

$3 Million:  Nursing Home neglect resulting in severe burns to resident and confidential settlement

$2.75 Million: Wrongful Death of 18 year old killed by semi-tractor trailer leaving behind his mother and father as survivors

$2.5 Million: Failure to Timely Diagnose ischemia resulting in below the knee amputation

$2.5 Million: Confidential Nursing Home Neglect settlement

$2.5 Million:  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome resulting from injury sustained due to poor maintenance 

$2.2 Million:  Confidential settlement for wrongful death of 24 year old shot by criminal assailant (negligent apartment security)

$2.2 Million: Failure of on-call physician to timely respond

$2.0 Million: Alleged unnecessary and improperly performed cardiac catherization procedure on three month old Down's Syndrome infant resulting in untreated lower leg ischemia and subsequent amputation of the left leg below the knee

$1.7 Million:  Negligent security claim related to shooting on hotel property against Hilton/Embassy & SecurAmerica with pre-trial offer of $280K & assertion by lawyers they would win the case 9 times out of 10; Defendants also responsible for attorney's fees  

$1.7 Million: Wrongful Death of 72-year-old pedestrian struck by truck

$1.65 Million: Confidential Nursing Home Abuse settlement

$1.56 Million: Malpractice related to adult circumcision procedure (defendants' pre-trial offer was $100,000.00); largest verdict in County history for a malpractice case at the time & defendants required to pay attorney's fees

$1.5 Million: Confidential settlement in Nursing Home wrongful death/abuse case

$1.5 Million: Defective Product claim related to bicycle lighting system and child seat (conspicuity issue) resulting in automobile/bicycle collision causing severe injuries

$1.5 Million: Wrongful Death of 48-year-old male suffering heart attack while attempting to rescue employee of defendant (Rescue Doctrine case)

$1.4 Million: Failure of airline to provide appropriate seating for infant resulting in brain injury

$1.4 Million: Co-counsel in case involving failure to anticoagulate with heparin a 32-year-old female presenting to hospital with basilar artery thrombosis resulting in stroke

$1.35 Million: Confidential Nursing Home assault and abuse settlement

$1.3 Million: Confidential Nursing Home pressure ulcer settlement

$1.225 Million: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to pressure ulcer

$1.2 Million: Failure to Diagnose compartment syndrome

$1.15 Million: Confidential settlement for hypoxic event and brain injury suffered by infant

$1 Million: Death of pick-up truck driver involved in collision with semi-tractor trailer with allegation by defense pick-up truck driver ran stop sign

$1 Million: Failure to Diagnose parotid gland cancerous tumor

$1 Million: Drowning death of 24-year-old African American male in motel swimming pool (defendant's pre-trial offer was $250,000.00). Largest verdict in County history for an African-American

$1 Million: Defective birth control product (several claims resolved contemporaneously and confidentially in the same settlement range for this class of defective products)

$1 Million:  Insurance agent negligence resulting in loss to insured

$1 Million: Below the knee amputation of 16-year-old pedestrian struck by automobile (insurance carrier's offer to resolve the claim for available $100,000.00 liability insurance limits was refused and assets of defendants were pursued to satisfy the claim of plaintiff)

$1 Million: Bad faith insurance claim (pre-trial offer was zero)

$1 Million: Confidential Nursing Home settlement involving burns resulting in death

$1 Million: Closed head injury resulting from automobile/ semi-tractor trailer collision

$1 Million: Confidential Nursing Home Neglect and pressure ulcer settlement

$1 Million:  Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to neglect and untimely death

$1 Million:  Nursing Home abuse by alleged caretaker resulting in confidential settlement

$1 Million:  Confidential settlement for infant suffering hypoxic event

$1 Million:  Confidential settlement for loss of daughter due to medical neglect

$1 Million:  Premises liability assault on motel guest resulting in severe injuries

$1 Million:  Product defect confidential settlement resulting in electrocution

$900,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home assault and abuse settlement

$837,500.00: Sexual molestation of minor female by local "personality" committed off premises and while not on the job (structured pay-out of over 6 million)

$825,000.00: Automobile accident resulting in aggravation of prior lumbar fusion (two prior surgeries) and necessity for additional single level fusion with placement of spinal stimulator for 43-year-old male.

$810,000.00: Bad faith insurance claim (pre-trial offer was zero inasmuch as insurance carrier had denied coverage)

$800,000.00: Gun shot wound sustained by plaintiff following traffic altercation where defendant claimed self-defense (significant questions related to coverage present because of the intentional act exclusion)

$800,000.00: Wrongful Death of 29-year-old single mother leaving behind 10-year-old child

$750,000.00: Hemi-pelvic fracture sustained in automobile/motorcycle collision

$750,000.00: Failure to Diagnose infection in 73-year-old diabetic resulting in amputation

$700,000.00: Closed head injury resulting from automobile collision (pre-trial offer was $10,000.00)

$700,000.00:  Settlement for eye injury entered into at end of fourth day of trial where pre-trial offer was $75,000.00 

$675,000.00: Confidential settlement related to timely Failure to Diagnose and treat heart attack

$606,000.00: Judgment against Nursing Home for neglect and abuse (Volk v. Delmar Gardens) with denied liability and minimal offer

$600,000.00:  Settlement for aggravation of prior neck fusion procedure resulting from negligent maintenance and resulting injury from being struck in the head

$600,000.00: Wrongful Death of 9-year-old Haitian boy, who drowned in apartment complex pool where he lived (liability denied based on negligent supervision on the part of parents)

$600,000.00: Wrongful Death of 62-year-old killed when attempting to install his own utility pole

$590,000.00: Comminuted fracture of metacarpal neck (third finger) and fractures of base of fourth and fifth metacarpal resulting in 10% right upper extremity impairment for Navy enlisted man

$575,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home Neglect and pressure ulcer settlement

$567,000.00: Pedestrian/semi-tractor trailer collision resulting in numerous facial fractures, comminuted elbow fracture, and ankle fracture (pre-trial offer was zero). Largest verdict in County history at the time

$500,000.00: Settlement with School Board for the deprivation, rights and abuse of a special needs autistic student

$500,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home Neglect and assault settlement related to falls and attacks from other resident

$500,000.00: Legal Malpractice claim related to failure to properly defend clients in civil rights litigation

$475,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home pressure ulcer and dehydration settlement

$475,000.00: Failure to Diagnose myocardial infarction

$450,000.00: Wrongful Death of 32 week old fetus (negligent stillbirth)

$450,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to elderly resident being burned due to lack of supervision

$400,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to dehydration, UTI and pressure ulcer

$375,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home neglect and pressure ulcer settlement

$364,000.00: Trip and Fall in pot hole of grocery store resulting in mild RSD injury to right foot and ankle

$350,000.00: Failure to Diagnose early on acute myocardial injury

$350,000.00: Medical Negligence related to improperly performed and unnecessary brow bone reduction

$335,000.00: Aggravation of pre-existing stable cervical fusion om pedestrian/truck collision

$325,000.00: Dental Malpractice related to trigeminal nerve damage

$300,000.00: Cervical fusion at C5-6 from rear-end automobile collision

$300,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home Neglect and pressure ulcer settlement

$299,000.00: Confidential Assisted Living Facility settlement related to resident being financially exploited

$288,000.00: Confidential settlement involving patron wrongfully abused by security guards

$275,000.00: Acromioplasty right shoulder surgery as a result of rear-end collision

$275,000.00: Malicious prosecution related to defendants who wrongfully accused plaintiff of threatening them with a knife (pre-trial offer was zero)

$258,000.00: Mild closed head injury sustained by 17-year-old back seat passenger in automobile collision (defense of no seat belt raised)

$250,000.00: Misdiagnosis of pre-surgical condition at L3-L4

$250,000.00: Misdiagnosis of slipped capital femoral epiphysis resulting in emergency surgery

$250,000.00: Aggravation of epileptic condition related to automobile collision

$250,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home assault settlement

$250,000.00: Bad faith insurance claim where insurance carrier failed to tender policy limits of $10,000.00 (case settled after excess verdict)

$250,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home Abuse and neglect settlement

$245,000.00: Herniated disc at C5-C6 from minor automobile collision requiring cervical disc fusion surgery

$240,000.00: Settlement of bad faith insurance claim where insurance carrier denied coverage based on alleged theft of insured vehicle and where insured owner participated in claiming theft though her boyfriend was operating vehicle ($10,000.00 liability policy was not timely tendered)

$225,000.00: Dental Malpractice related to alveolar nerve damage

$220,000.00: Cervical fusion surgery related to minor impact rear-end collision

$210,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to pressure ulcer

$210,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement realted to over-medicating resident

$200,000.00: Non-surgical herniated disc resulting from automobile collision

$200,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to being physically rough with elderly resident

$190,000.00: Tibia and fibula fractures requiring orthopedic appliance as a result of automobile/pedestrian collision

$187,500.00: Non-surgical herniated disc resulting from automobile collision

$176,400.00: Non-surgical herniated disc at C6-C7 resulting from automobile collision

$162,500.00: Mild addiction to prescription medication following the unlawful distribution of said medication by a physician for an excessive period of time

$150,000.00: Non-surgical herniated disc resulting from automobile collision

$150,000.00: 20-year-old student, who sustained a head injury in an automobile collision causing headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and some concentration dysfunction

$125,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home medical neglect settlement

$100,000.00: Negligent application of fixed braces resulting in root resorption and additional orthodontic therapy

$100,000.00: Legal Malpractice related to failure of lawyer to protect interests of plaintiff in divorce proceeding

$100,000.00: Failure to properly perform root canal surgery resulting in nerve injury

$95,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to resident acquiring lung disease

$90,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home Neglect settlement from undiagnosed arm fracture

$80,000.00: Confidential Nursing Home settlement related to skin breakdown and neglect

$55,000.00: Bad faith excess verdict related to automobile collision and failure of insurance carrier to tender $10,000.00 policy limits (verdict paid in full)

Past results do not serve as a guarantee for future results; the identified cases are intended to serve as representative examples only and are not intended to reflect all results obtained by Riley Allen Law, P.A. Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 1-800-393-8686 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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