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Thank you for considering Riley Allen Law to represent your interests in a complex legal matter. The purpose of this section is to help educate you and provide information and answers to questions frequently asked by prospective clients regarding our services and the litigation process. We have categorized our resources by our primary practice areas:


Personal Injury and Auto Resources

Personal Injury FAQs
Frequently asked questions regarding personal injury.

Florida Auto Insurance
The do's and don'ts of purchasing automobile insurance coverage.

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer
How to find a good personal injury attorney to help you with your accident or injury claim.

Employment Litigation Resources

Overtime Pay Overview
Recent legal news regarding overtime pay. Overtime - it can sometime be a sticky issue.

New FMLA Regulations Change Rules on Notice and Certifications
Find out what the new FMLA rules require.

ADA Amendments: More Protections for People With Disabilities
Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will protect more workers from discrimination.

Noncompete Agreements: How to Create an Agreement You Can Enforce
Use a noncompete agreement to prevent losing valuable trade secrets and employees.

Overtime Pay: Your Rights as an Employee
Learn when an employee is entitled to overtime pay, and how overtime is calculated.

Medical Malpractice Resources

Surgical Procedure Questions
Important questions to ask your surgeon before your surgery.

Birth Related Injuries Article
Birth-related Injury in Florida: Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) and the Neurologicial Injury Compensation Act(NICA)

Medical Malpractice Basics
Learn about medical malpractice and how to prove a claim.

Medical Malpractice: Informed Consent
Informed consent is required before a medical procedure or treatment.

Birth-Related Medical Malpractice
Learn about birth-related injuries to babies and mothers - who can file a lawsuit and what damages may be recovered.

General Resources

General FAQs
Frequently asked general legal questions.

Choosing An Attorney
How to choose the best attorney in the event of injury.

Trial Process
The actual trial process.

How to Find an Excellent Lawyer
Follow these steps to find a good lawyer to help you with your legal issue.

The practice of law has always been and will always be a profession of personal service. People serving people.

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